Gnangara Pines – Exploration – 31st August 2024

General Info:


A Day Trip exploring the 4wd access area around Gnangara pines. This is currently un-mapped by me, and I am looking to use the area more for day trips and potentially sand awareness days as it is very close (to me at least). 

From dense pine forests to challenging terrain, there's something for everyone, whether you're a seasoned off-roader or just looking to have some fun. Explore winding tracks that lead deep into the heart of this natural playground. Manoeuvre through sandy dunes, muddy bogs, and thrilling hills that will put your driving skills to the test. 

After conquering the initial trails, we take a break at a picturesque clearing surrounded by majestic pine trees. Here, we enjoy lunch amidst the tranquil sounds of nature. Swap stories of our off-road conquests and recharge for the next leg of our journey. 

Feeling re-energized, we tackle more technical sections that demand precision and control. There is a large Sand Pit over near the lake (which you cannot get to from the track area) we will find to have a play on the sand hills, I know Eureka use this for some of their sand awareness training.  

If it has recently rained there could be some puddles and bog holes if you want to give them a try while someone is there to pull you out if needed.  

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50th Anniversary of Safe and Responsible four wheel driving in the bush

Our objective is to establish, maintain and conduct a Club of an educational, recreational, social and non-political character for the purpose of promoting and fostering safe and intelligent four wheel driving.

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